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Movie lover.

About my collections

I'm real music and movie freak. Listal.com is just an alternative place for me to get new recommendations and discoveries. I have separate official movie list maintained by myself.

I love movies and I make a review every time after watching one. Mostly in finnish language, without exceptions to previously mentioned movie blog maintained by myself. I will convert them here from time to time by adding them one by one manually (to my Listal). It will take time but I think it will be worth it.

Feel free to recommend me something!

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Recent reviews

Enter the boring and pointless trip to nowhere

Posted : 13 years, 4 months ago on 23 December 2010 07:53 (A review of Enter the Void)

"Stunning", "Amazing", "Awesome", wait... what have you been smoking?
Or should I say are you out of your mind people? This movie was utter
nonsense with so many aspects that make a good movie.

I know some of Gaspar Noé's work. I think I know the way he thinks, and
he is kind of a basket case in my opinion. But so am I, and I like mind
messing type of movies. What I loved in Irréversible was that it was
shocking but yet had a great storyline, production, and atmosphere.

I didn't know anything about this movie, did not bother to check the
basic plot before watching. While watching the first half with spinning
cameras, the camera-work itself reminded me of Irréversible, and then I
realized this must be Gaspar Noé. And when I saw the first "shocking"
imaginary, I knew it for sure.

For those who don't know about Noé's mind, this movie is very
disturbing, morally questionable, twisted, shocking, provoking, and
most of all - very different. I don't recommend watching if you are not
mentally prepared, if you are not used to see or don't like to watch
annoying flashing lights and neon, nauseating spinning and shaking
camera work, drug use, pornography, sperm, psychedelic imaginary and
colors, gay sex, abortion, violence, breastfeeding, night club
"business", blood, suffering of children, detailed face mushing etc.

The first half of the movie was awesome though. It was original and
brilliant. I liked the POV (subjective point of view) because it was
well done and got me actually feel the protagonist and see his eyes
what was happening. Although after the protagonist had died, and the
camera work transformed more objective way, the movie also died...

Especially the end part of the movie was not good. The whole plot is
simply too easy, pointless, and frustrating. It is also too
provocative, it does not get to me as Irréversible did. There is just
too much of THAT, "you have to show everything", "let's piss off the
viewers", "this has not been done too many times". Those Gaspar Noé's
so called "power tools" don't get me this time. Just plain stupid and
pointless. Got actually really bored.

The movie is way too long. It did not success in its mission to make
"wow" expressions or some great controversy or feelings for me. It just
frustrated the heck out of me. I did not like the last half our
pornography, because I did not come to see porn, I came to see a movie
package, hopefully entertaining one! After the movie I felt like "what
the .... I just watched?". Obviously nothing worth recommending for.

The movie is nothing but some nonsense fake art which everyone worship
as a great artistic work. Whaat? Art should be even more entertaining!
This was nowhere near entertaining. Just because it is some kind of art
piece of something it does not automatically mean it's great. I mean
come on, don't say you were not bored to watch a hour (which felt like
10 hours) of floating around, spinning, night clubs, cities, without
any narrative or knowledge what is going to happen and what is the deal
here? I got really bored and I don't understand how I managed to sit it

I give Gaspar the points for that some people this might shock and
annoy very much. Points also for the first half of the movie. But the
whole thing goes way down the hill. I have to say Enter the Void was
interesting change, and for example the last minutes were even funny
and cool to watch (the close up from you know what). Now I know what
happens when I die...

In the other hand here is a movie which makes you feel many ways, but
nowhere near like Irréversible. Not very good movie. Anxiating, dark
and boring piece of film. If you watch this be prepared and watch with
criticism. Not definitely for all.

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This Is It review

Posted : 13 years, 4 months ago on 13 December 2010 02:51 (A review of This Is It)

This is It tells about preparations of the "last" tour of Michael Jackson and his rehersals. The footage of the document is new material never been shown before to the world.

I have never been particular MJ fan nor listen his music. But because he is some sort of cornerstone of music history you gotta know him even if your IQ is less than average. So I know most of the songs by MJ, who doesn't?

It was great to see how the show would have been. I loved especially how the stage and props were made for Thriller and Smooth Criminal. However, because MJ does not have "real" meaning for me I don't understand how I should somehow be moved while watching this document... Also the document does not tell much about MJ's personality or character. Watch Oprah's review of MJ instead of this.

Of course the movie is some sort of way to remember Jacko, and it's such a shame the tour never took place considering the fact how much effort, money and love were put in to it. The movie itself didn't affect me practically any ways though, and the only reason is because I only thing MJ was only a great guy and historical milestone.

I know that Michael Jackson was talented as hell and he has been developing the world music in its current form. He is in so many ways the great historical human being, but not a god. That's why I don't understand why so many people think him as god. For real.

Also really confusing thing is that this document would not be such a huge success and would not cause such a great hype without Jacko being dead. This is why I want to review the movie as it was published before MJ's death: boring, meaningless raw video footage of Michael Jackson. Nothing more. 2/5

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Precious review

Posted : 13 years, 4 months ago on 13 December 2010 02:31 (A review of Precious)

OK, Precious is a well made movie, and actors are also brilliant. The plot brings nothing new though. Even if the story is fiction, it is - shockingly enough - everyday life. Have to say this is a realistic filmography. I don't like the issues movie is dealing with, or memories and stuff how it influences on broken hearted viewers with similar experiences with Precious. With those described people, movie is nothing but expressing bad and sad memories of ours.

The movie does not contain enough hope, and the ending is just not happy enough. I sound like such a wussy, but this is the truth. Good acting and cinematography can't save this movie.

Precious is a very very predictable movie, at least for us people who have been there. If you have your s*it together and life has always been smiling to you, I guess this is pretty good shock value drama movie for you. But for the rest of us its an insult and opening old wounds. If you think "thank god this is only a movie", think again, because as I said, things like this happen every day - just not for you.

When it comes to own experiences, you already know the movie, so basically its just boring stuff and predictable humble-mumble, and only ONE of those lives destroyed, of those bad things and people that are in this world already too much. Gimme a break.

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Avatar review

Posted : 13 years, 4 months ago on 13 December 2010 02:25 (A review of Avatar)

First of all, I have seen only the 2D version of the movie, in the movie theatre. Second, this is my first official review in Listal, so bear with me.

Avatar is annoyingly controversial movie. When I went to movies I had very low expectations. I'm a fan of Star Wars and I was expecting something like the new episodes: a blast of visual effects. And I got it and it was so extreme. The world took me in and I fell in love with Pandora.

They say the plot is not original at all. In the movie theater I didn't see that so called unoriginality at all, for some reason. Maybe it was because of the athmosphere it created. Maybe because the movie was good indeed. Pocahontas my ass! Even if Avatar is so called "rip off" or a copy from other movies, it still beats the hell out of all those where Avatar is supposingly a copy! But I did not see it. I only saw a new wonderful world with new creatures, robots, technology, love, and athmosphere.

I have seen thousands and thousands of movies and I have to say Avatar one of the best. No doubt they made it for ten years, it shows! The reason I love this movie is because it's visually stunning, the acting is great, it has my favourite actors, the scifi value is magnificent, and it got me emotionally and took me to its undescribably athmosphere. Highly recommended!

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